Vermont Cheese Board


Grafton Village’s Aged Cheddar

Raw cow’s milk cheese with robust, full flavor balanced by smooth creaminess.
Depth & complexity of flavor make this the quintessential favorite Vermont farmhouse cheddar.
Thick Fig & Apricot Compote, Marinated Olives, Fresh & Dried Fruits, Roasted Nuts.
Homemade Crackers,  Bread Sticks & Wood Fired Baked Breads

To complete your table, choose from a delightful selection of Vermont Artisan Cheeses:
Selection varies due to availability

Thistle Hill Farm Tarentaise – Add $2pp

Aged raw Jersey cow’ milk cheese.   Dense, soft, rich in perfumes.  Complex with a subtle nutty flavor.

Blue Ledge Farm Camembrie  — Add $2pp

Pure Ayshire Cow’s milk cheese.   A Camembert & Brie hybrid leaning towards camembert with creamy earthy notes of mushrooms and fresh grass and firm texture.

Jasper Hill  Constant Bliss –Add $4pp

Soft mold-ripened, raw cow’s milk, cheese.  Super-rich & buttery cheese surrounding a soft almost crumbly center.  Sports a bloomy rind.

Boucher Family Farm Boucher Blue –Add $2pp

Sweet, earthy and creamy cow’s milk cheese.
Intense and complex blue flavor, crumbly texture.

Major Farm Vermont Shepherd –Add $3pp

Hard Sheep’s Cheese.  Smooth & Creamy flavor, rich & earthy with hints of clover, wild mint & thyme.

Blue Ledge Farm Lake’s Edge –Add $3pp

Mold ripened Goats’ milk cheese.  Dramatic in both flavor & appearance it bears a shadowy coat of white & black with an earthy streak of ash dissecting its center.

Vermont Butter & Cheese Bonne Bouche –Add $3pp

Ash-ripened goat cheese.  Creamy & gentile mild goats’ milk interior surrounded by a sweet, slightly acidic rind.  Notes of fresh flowers, citrus & hazelnuts.

Doe’s Leap Fresh Chevre –Add $2pp

Fresh soft goat cheese with unique flavors of the pasture.  Mild & fresh with a smooth texture.

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